“Instead of losing out on a sale by having to refer customers to another rental company, we make it possible for you to earn a commission on sales you would have normally lost!”

Increase Your Rental Company Profits At NO EXTRA COST!

equipment rental opportunity

Compact Lift Company (CLC) is a wholesale re-rent company making compact aerial lifts available to Equipment Rental Stores across Texas. We feature only articulating compact lifts that allow your customers to reach areas that are not accessible by a normal boom lift or scissor lift. Our aerial lifts (also known as aerial work platforms, compact lifts, spider lifts, atrium lifts) are available for re-rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis throughout Texas.

When a customer’s high reach needs cannot be fulfilled by a lift that you have in your store, we provide an alternative that lets you help your customer, and enables you to make a sale, earn additional income, and increase your profits. Instead of missing out on a rental and the income from it, CLC makes it possible for you to make a commission on a sale that you would otherwise not be able to make. The compact aerial lift segment of the rental industry is rapidly growing, so why not let CLC provide the necessary lift to your customer, with you benefitting from the rental as well?

We have five years experience in the compact aerial lift rental industry and you can be assured that your clients will be taken care of in a professional manner. We also protect your clients’ loyalty. When you refer a client to CLC, he remains your client forever. You get paid every time he rents a lift from Compact Lift Company.

Call Paul at 817-933-0100 and let us come to your location to discuss the advantages of compact lifts and how to use Compact Lift Company to increase your profitability.